Get your IKEA products delivered at home

Need IKEA? AMS will help you

Africa Mobility Services will take great care of your order done at the IKEA website. All your items will be collected from IKEA International, located in the Netherlands, will be safely packed and consolidated at our facilities and finally, the items willl be sent to you in Africa.

We will do the import custom clearance of the shipment of products for you, pay all duties and taxes on your behalf and finally deliver all your products to your door. We will  also assemble the furniture if you want.

How does it work?

  1. Please visit:
  2. Browse and decide which items you want to buy
  3. Send the link of each of the chosen products to the following email: with the subject Delivery Services IKEA or to our Whatsapp number :
  4. +31 6 55 20 12 11
  5. AMS will reply by email or Whatsapp by sending you:
    – a pdf list of your order
    – an order confirmation link
  6. By clicking on the order confirmation link, you will register yourself by filling out your client details
  7. After registering, you will receive a customer registration notification via email or WhatsApp
  8. Within 48 hours, you will receive by e-mail a quotation for delivery of the Ikea products at your door covering the transport insurance cost and import customs duties
  9. According to the volume and the weight of your order, the quotation will provide you three forwarding cost options:
    Air freight
    Sea freight with only your good
    Sea freight by groupage (sharing of a container with other shipments)
  10. By receiving the quotation and for dispatching your order, click on the payment link mentioned in the quotation
  11. You will access to the secure AMS credit card PayPal payment gateway for paying simultaneously:
    100% of the Ikea purchase amount
    100% of the dispatching and the delivery costs
  12. For tracking the progress of your order, you will receive a sequence of Whatsapp notifications:
    Notice of receipt of your Ikea products in our warehouse in the Netherlands and care packing for air or sea transport
    Dispatching of your goods to Africa
    Arrival of your goods in Africa under customs clearance status
    Delivery date and time notice
  13. Our delivery office in Africa, will contact you 24 hours after arrival of the order in our warehouse for confirming your availability of the delivery time and if you wish an assembly service
  14. If you wish an assembly service, a QR CODE will be sent to you for proceeding with a mobile money payment in Congo.

Looking forward to assisting you!