Office support

The relocation and management of your office space can have significant impact on your operations. So if you’re moving office, you need it to happen adequately and organised. Let us help you with office support.

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) is a proficient partner in office relocations, designs, refurnishment, fit out and delivery of corporate furniture systems. From marking, transport and handling of multiple work spaces to fragile IT equipment or over-sized item handling, AMS ensures your office move is performed as seamlessly as possible without disrupting your normal business activity.

Retail logistic services

From internal pick-up and delivery to dock-to-dock services, we work with you to simplify the transport, storage and installation options in your supply chain. We offer high-quality retail logistic services.

Our network of transport and storage specialists take care of the storage and consolidation services for all your retail locations. We are also perfectly equipped to help with your imports and exports worldwide. Whether you have a store or global display, Africa Mobility Services will manage your project through a single point of contact offering comprehensive logistics solutions.

High value projects

International shipping of valuable goods is just one of our services. Your high value projects should be handled with care, so that’s what you can expect from us. 

Not only exclusive cars but also if your hospital, clinic or emergency unit needs MRI-scanners, dialysis machines or hospital beds, Africa Mobility Services transports even the most complex medical equipment with great care and at the best transport rates available both nationally and internationally. You can count on our experience, reliability and solutions to give you the best possible service at the best possible rates. High value shipments are safe with AMS.

Inbound and outbound assistance

We support you. It’s sometimes a challenge: understanding the importance of immigration regulations and finding your way through the bureaucratic maze. We make it easy with inbound and outbound assistance.

Relocating from one country to another can entail a lot of paperwork. Besides that, immigration can be time consuming. Africa Mobility Services assists in preventing any delays to the assignment by taking the burden of paperwork from your shoulders and providing a one-stop-shop for visa and immigration matters.

Key elements

  • Information and advice on the type of permit to be applied for
  • Applying for a visa permit (or visa permits) in Africa
  • Instruction about procedures
  • Document collection and filing applications at the authorities
  • Follow-up and arranging appointments

Immigration assistance

Africa Mobility Services assists with completing and complying with any local government / local authority registration requirements.

We provide advice on the best way to have your employee start working, we provide advice on documents, and arrange the whole process of obtaining a work permit, a residence permit and completing 30% tax ruling applications.

Key elements of immigration assistance

  • Providing advice on the type of permit to be applied for
  • Guiding you and your employee(s) through getting a visa permit
  • Offering instructions about procedures and the time frame
  • Providing information on document collection and filing applications at the authorities
  • Following-up and arranging appointments with the authorities

Assistance for house refitment

Our Relocation Consultants will assist your employees to find a home that suits their needs, in a location that is both safe and convenient for the whole family. We take house refitment seriously. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of local neighbourhoods to ensure all requirements are met.

Key elements of house refitment assistance

  • Screening housing options and, when required, accompanying the employee to viewings
  • Negotiating competitive pricing for rents, lease terms and security deposit
  • Providing information about mandatory legal formalities in your chosen areas
  • Assisting with check-in inspection and utility connections

Welcome services

To make the arrival as pleasant as possible, our standard service can be extended by a large number of extra services. 

To be honest, we can arrange just about everything, because we have such a close local network. We will just list a few of our pleasant arrival services here, to give you an impression:

  • Complete unpacking: ironing of clothing / putting all clothes in wardrobes / books in bookcase similar order
  • Handyman services: installation of difficult items, large furniture items manteling
  • Utilities connection in the house: installation at destination of internet and energy
  • Transportation service:  transporting family to and from hotel or airport pick up
  • Welcome service: welcome flowers and complete information on neighborhood

Cleaning and maintenance arrangements

It’s a simple fact: mess means discomfort, orderliness brings peace and a promotes a general feeling of wellbeing. That’s why we love to offer cleaning and maintenance arrangements.

The cleaning and maintenance arrangements can take place during arrival or depart, but of course we can also arrange these services for the long term. So when your employee has arrived safely and starts to settle in, we can offer support to keep his home organised and clean. We like to deliver a total package.

Possible cleaning and maintenance arrangements:

  • Maid service: dry cleaning, silverware, ironing
  • Gardening services: arrange gardening service
  • Tenancy management: after delivery at destination on-going maintenance and handyman support with a subscription model
  • Housecleaning service: we will make sure to clean the house at origin after loading or destination before and after unloading

Personal Organizer

Our Relocation Consultant acts as a Personal Organizer: the local resource guide for their location needs and will be their cultural translator and a professional friend.

Key elements

  • Setting up bank accounts, insurance, internet & telephone
  • Finding local healthcare
  • Visiting local markets and shopping facilities
  • Information on all practical aspects of local life

Departure assistance

Tying up loose ends – all’s well that ends well. Africa Mobility Services will assist your employee and their family effectively and efficiently to return their home country or new destination.

Key components of our departure assistence:

  • Terminating rental agreement and all the utilities contracts
  • Notifying the authorities / deregistration
  • Official check-out / inventory check and coordinating deposit refund
  • Arranging for a suitable removal company (if applicable)