Relocation isn't just a question of finding a house, it's about creating an enjoyable life in a brand new culture.

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Relocating to Africa?

Besides transferring your belongings, we assist in finding a new house, school search and conducting local culture training. We even help with organizing your finances and insurances. All for your comfort!  More about us

Relocation management

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) offers advice on the best way to enable your employee to start working. We provide advice on documents and arrange the whole process.

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International moving

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) is providing removal services for many years, we have the experience that is required to really understand our clients’ needs.

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Turnkey solutions

The projects in which AMS provides customized solutions are unique, meaning that each project requires special planning and execution. Whether you opt for a comprehensive package or for specific components, our creativity, expertise and experience are completely focused on delivering what’s best for you. A single point of contact gives you access to a wide range of transport services available throughout the world.

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International logistics

Whether you're a company relocating, an expanding retailer or searching a trustworhty partner for your valuable shipments: Africa Mobility Services goes the extra mile for you.

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Your specific situation is our starting-point

Tell us the particulars and let us facilitate the rest.

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