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Network of Agents’ philosophy

The philosophy behind AMS is to secure business to/from the emerging markets on the African continent and to get operational access to these markets by developing and maintaining a quality network of independent relocation (DSP) and moving companies. We call these AMS ‘member companies’.

AMS will provide know-how, training, systems and services to the AMS member companies in Africa, who in turn will serve the business (relocation and moving) secured by and through the commercial efforts of AMS & Partners.

In the selected markets, AMS will introduce relocation and moving activities on a professional basis, thereby creating meaningful jobs in the African markets where the company is/will be active. Talented local people will be selected to become trainers, able to provide on the job training (train the trainer). AMS’ management will pro-actively seek cooperation with trusted 3rd party initiatives to further support the business as well as the communities, where AMS is active.

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AMS membership

The conditions, benefits and obligations of membership are covered in the Membership Agreement. There are a lots of benefits to being a member of the AMS network. AMS provides the following services to the agents:

  • Financial netting

All payments between AMS and the Members as well as the payments between the Members will be managed though a (mandatory) Financial Netting System.

  • Training

AMS will support the Members in providing continuous training in the area of packing & loading techniques and health and safety.

  • Quality systems

AMS will provide support for the AMS members to obtain ISO and/or other qualification. Participation in these quality systems will be mandatory.

  • IT

AMS will make available the software package necessary to streamline communication and to ensure seamless cooperation between AMS and the AMS members as well as amongst AMS members. The use of the system is mandatory – AMS will provide training.

  • Insurance & claim handling

All business for which an insurance cover is requested, will be insured by/through AMS. Claim handling will be managed centrally by AMS, who will buy services from 3rd parties (e.g. claim adjusters) whenever necessary.

  • Annual meeting

AMS intends to organize at least once per year a meeting for all AMS member companies.

  • AMS brand

The AMS brand and logo is owned by Africa Mobility Services B.V. AMS Members will use the brand and logo strictly in accordance with a house style manual. A brand license agreement forms an integral part of the AMS Membership Agreement.


AMS’ services to the market

The main services are relocation services and removal services. The structure of AMS reflects these two main service areas  by recognizing a relocation section ‘AMS Relo’ and a removal section ‘AMS Remo’. A third AMS activity will be Logistics, for which partners are selected as and when needed.

A        Relocation services – DSP (destination service providers)

The market for DSP services is expected to be the largest growth market in Africa.

B        Moving services

To a large extent, orders for moving services are expected to follow more or less automatically from DSP business.

C        Logistics

  • Warehousing
  • Custom clearance
  • Special Projects
  • Hotels
  • Shop fitting

The relocation and removal services may be provided by one company, provided that the company meets the criteria for each activity.

The market

As in other emerging markets, the purchase order is often secured outside the countries where the services are to be rendered. Local influence on the decision making must however not be underestimated.

The main source for business to/from Africa is formed by the traditional industries; the relocation (RMC’s and other DSP providers) and the moving industry (agents & networks). The AMS Group & Partners are very active in both industry segments and have excellent access to these sources of (potential) business for AMS.

In addition, business will be secured directly from corporate clients on the basis of contracts held by AMS & Partners.

Global expertise and local know how

This is the guiding principle for the AMS network in Africa. To the Africa based companies, AMS provides access to the world and access to a wealth of experience in the Relo and Remo business, whereas the local business owners provide intimate knowledge of local cultures, language(s), local laws and business practice, which local expertise is considered critical for AMS’ success.

Therefore AMS itself will neither own assets nor run operational companies on the African continent. Local AMS set ups may do this, be it for own account and risk.

Non exclusivity

One of the strengths of AMS is that clients can be offered a choice under the single AMS umbrella. Therefore, no member/partner company or individual will be granted exclusivity in any market in Africa.

AMS’ objective is to add at least one other company in each market to the network, once the volume of business allows for that or if the existing member is consistently underperforming.