Cultural and language training

Relocation isn’t just a matter of finding a house, especially for international expatriates! It’s about creating an enjoyable life in a brand new culture for themselves and their families.

Our professional staff’s main priority is to make the difference between providing a standard service and giving the best for a successful new start. They ensure a smooth transition during the whole relocation and settling-in period. This enables the employee to focus quickly on his/her new job, free from stress, and enables you to generate a healthy return on investment.

AMS offers a range of relocation services and is working hard to expand its current services with more ways of providing our customers with the best. Besides the services mentioned in Our Solutions, we’re working on Coaching and Policy Advice and Expense Management as HR Services.

Our Consultant

Our Relocation Consultant acts as the local resource guide for the location needs of your employee and will be a cultural translator and a professional friend.

Key elements

  • Setting up bank accounts, insurance, internet & telephone
  • Finding local healthcare
  • Visiting local markets and shopping facilities
  • Information on all practical aspects of local life